• About Alpheus™ TPU Lay Flat Hose

    Alpheus​™ TPU Lay Flat Hose uses Through-the-Weave construction technology.

    Twice as strong as the nearest three ply hose.

    Less than 1% elongation rate for all sizes of Alpheus™ TPU Lay Flat Hose.

    TPU lay flat hoses are becoming the industry standard for cost effective water transfer in the oil, gas and fracking industries.


  • Alpheus™ Hose Couplings

    The Lay Flat Hose can be connected by using a set of couplings. A complete set of couplings will include:

    2 Shanks, 2 Couplers, 1 Clamp

    Alpheus™ Hoses can be shipped without or with couplings attached.

  • Through-the-Weave Technology

    Through-the-Weave manufacturing uses no adhesives therefore no potential delaminating issues. This also means no possibilities of pin holes being made during the construction process.

    Through-the-Weave begins with two PU tubes and high tensile fibers. The tubes are extruded with the fibers melding all components into a single inseparable layer of extremely abrasion resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). 

  • Increased Flow Rate

    The interior of our Alpheus hoses are more smooth than that of our competitors allowing for a flow rate of a/MA.9 

    No reduced flow rate or snaking as Alpheus Through-the-Weave TPU hoses have an elongation rate of 1% as compared to our 3-Ply competitors who can experience up to 10%. 

    See a 44% increase in transfer capacity when you purchase our Alpheus 12" hose compared to the 10".

  • Quality and Strength

    Peel tests show it takes as much force to separate our melded reinforced jacket compared to that of our 3-Ply competitors. 

    Every hose we manufacture carries a serial number for testing and tracking. We are able to trace the origins of the hose from production, through initial testing to final field application.

    Simply put, our Alpheus TPU hoses are designed to handle heavy use in the most harsh working conditions.


Alpheus™ 100% Testing

100% testing is performed on each Lay Flat Hose shipped. This includes abrasion and cold resistance testing, tensile testing, heat testing, accelerated aging testing, and ozone testing.

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Better, Stronger and Safer with TPU Hose

Quality our Number 1 Focus

By using Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to construct our Alpheus Lay Flat hose we have chosen to supply our customers with the very best material we can find. This durable, tough and highly abrasion resistant hose will provide superior performance where it matters most.  

Performance Superiority 

Featuring: excellent weather/ozone resistance, increased flow rate, minimal friction loss, long service life, no potential for delamination, fused fiber reinforced jacket makes it twice as strong as 3-Ply hoses, superb working temperature range, good handling and lightweight compared to mandrel built hoses. 

About GCP

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Product Features


6”, 8”, 10”, or 12”


100m (330ft) or 200m (660ft)


Red or Black

Date, Code, and Serial Number

Printed for tracking and identification


6'' Hose

Thickness: 0.16
Tolerance: 8%
Working Pressure: 230
Burst Pressure: 690


8'' Hose

Thickness: 0.17
Tolerance: 8%
Working Pressure: 200
Burst Pressure: 600


10'' Hose

Thickness: 0.1875
Tolerance: 8%
Working Pressure: 200
Burst Pressure: 600


12'' Hose

Thickness: 0.175
Tolerance: 8%
Working Pressure: 150
Burst Pressure: 450

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